a sample of our handpoured, natural Palm wax candles, 4 oz bottle of our all natural lotion , cooked organic handcrafted soap

all natural handcrafted cooked soaps ~great soap as well as wonderful aromatherapy

one of our gift baskets with handcrafted organic soaps, glycerine soaps, handmade lotion , handpoured palm wax candle , foaming hand wash and linen spray
Celebration Soaps & Body Care ~ 
 Everyday elegance at affordable prices ! Celebrate YOU .......              
Celebration Soaps is a family fun ~run micro business located in the foothills of NC.We are fifth generation soap makers. All of our soaps are hand crafted,made of the finest vegetable and nut oils. We still make Old Fashioned "Lye Soap" but even better ! All of our batches are Ph tested to ensure mildness. These soaps  ,small luxuries that make EVERYDAY a Celebration....

All of our soaps are hand crafted , hand stirred, poured,and wrapped and labeled with YOU in mind.Our old fashioned cooked soaps are hand ribbon tied.Our custom made Glycerin soaps are made out of all natural vegetable oils and are free of chemical additives. They are molded in beautiful designs and packaged to avoid loss of moisture while remaining visible.
Once you have experienced using our all natural soaps, lotions and body care products your skin will feel and look softer and smoother with additional natural moisturizing.Our products are hypo-allergenic,free of surfactants and detergents
Our natural Glycerin based lotion has Aloe Vera concentrate and will leave your skin soft and replenished, but not sticky! We can offer lotion in any fragrance that we carry in soaps. Check back frequently to see what new soaps we have added.
*Please email us with your order, remembering to include your name, address and phone number. I will email you an invoice which you can go to PayPal and pay for your soaps.You do not have to have an account with PayPal to do this. Very secure !

All soaps are only  $4.50
Lotion is $5.00 for 4 oz bottle
Tea Tree & Peppermint foot cream $5.00
Bath Tea are $2.00 each
Almond Body Polish ~$5.00
Soaps available :
Aloe Sleeping Angel*
Apple Jack~ crisp and clean, astringent
Butter Bar*~ has Cocoa & Mango Butter
Bee Pollen & Honeysuckle*~ Bee Pollen which promotes healing. Good for Eczema , Psoriasis !
Blackberry Sage
Chi Tea Spa Bar~antioxident
Gardenia*~soft floral aromatherapy
Ginger~Mint~wonderful ! Cools the skin
Lavender Fields~promotes relaxation
Lemongrass Poppyseed ~ very clean aromatherapy
Oatmeal Exfoliating Bar*~ Oatmeal is soothing and mildly exfoliating
Patchouli Bar~aromatherapy that smells like we did in the 60's
Peppermint Candy~very clean, great for those that suffer with headaches
Pine Forest*
Puppy Pal Canine soap*~has Tea Tree oil, peppermint oil,deters fleas and is soothing for those itchy itchy skin dogs
Sleigh Ride~ remember the swoosh of flying down your fav hill in the crisp snow
Vanilla Romance ~traditional aromatherapy
Wild Cherry Berry Zinger*~ BOLD , wake you up kind of bar
* denotes glycerin soaps
** some of these blends are seasonal


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