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Light up your life ~ naturally !

   over the years we have hand poured and fragranced wax candles of all types....you name it we have tried it. We tried Beeswax and although very beautiful we found them to be very expensive to make and many could not afford this type of candle.
We tried Soy wax and it frosted heavily and the candle was .....hum UGLY !  Soy wax is most often a blend of waxes (soy, palm ,beeswax)that can contain as little as 25 % soy and still be deemed/labeled as soy by manufacture. Also soy is hard to fragrance so that candle is strong enough toenjoy. There was a fad that people really embraced !Many folks  thought it was a great idea to use the melted wax on dry skin,(like a lotion).Every dermatologist that I networked with was apposed to this stating that soy wax was exactly that ......a wax and it was not good to stop up skin pores.
Then there was the paraffin trial .That was fairly acceptable until I did burn tests and noted the immense amount of soot . Bummer but if its making the glass jar black what in the world is it doing for your lungs ? Ditched that one.
Finally patience finally paid off ! I found Palm wax.
Palm wax is made from food grade palm oil !!! I had questions and concerns so I researched ....and researched.The pattern of the cooled waxes beautiful ,some
look like crystals , the other looks like a feather design.They burn clean, all the way to the very bottom of the jar.They also burn very long, many times up to 40 hours per jar. The Palm wax is easier to fragrance and the hot and throw scents are fabulous. We use cotton wicks and are wary of zinc wicks. We are proud of our candles Give us a try......you will not be sorry.Available fragrances :
Wild Cherry Zinger Coconut               Coffee       Gingerbread
Pine forest         Baby Powder          Cranberry     Green Tea
Gardenia            Banana Nut Bread    Cue Melon    Honeysuckle
Fresh & Clean      Bayberry               Summatime    Hot Apple Pie
Boo ~Berry         Eucalyptus Mint        Very Vanilla   Lavender
White Tea          Blackberry Bramble    Fruit Slices   Lemon
Punkin'              Cinnamon                Peachy Keen   Lilac
Applejack           Clean Cotton            Ginger ~ Mint  Mulberry
Winter Snow        Patchouli                Peppermint      Pomegranate
*this is only a partial list,please email for anything I may not have listed. These are top sellers only

the good news ?  Our 9 oz candle is only $7.00 each
one dozen are only $60.00 and can be mixed fragrances

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