English Angora ~ have

English Angora's ~ famous for their "big hair" they require grooming /weekly brushing . Every 90 days they "blow their coat " and have to have it plucked or trimmed. Rabbits make wonderful pets and often live 10 or more years. We frequently have kits, check back I try to post them as they become available. Both  Angora breeds require hay 1-2 times per week in addition to daily feed and fresh water.

We sell Angora kits to approved homes, we harvest and sell rabbit fiber to spinners,felters and weavers. And yea, we sell rabbit manure. Now the scoop on the poop  ~ does not have to be composed and can be put directly on plants and veggies.

In the English nest box now
waiting on some new arrivals

Giant Angora  Sassy and she is not your usual Rabbit. She has abundent  dense fiber that we harvest for weavers and spinners, they love it !

Giant Angora's ~ tons of very dense fiber (fur/hair), pleasing personality and very loyal . All of our rabbits are woolers(for those who spin or weave),  pet quality and have show potential. The amount of grooming required is the same as the English Angoras. This breed gets up to 12#. Our bunnies LOVE pinecones,they play with and chew on them.

  Our  Giant nest box is currently empty  
These are a few of our Giant Angora kits. Even though they look black as they become teenagers their fiber (fur) turns a magnificent silver colorBlack Giant Angora kits

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